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keto sour cream and chive dip recipe

Keto Sour Cream & Chive Dip Recipe

Fancy being able to dip your veggies (or any food) into something creamy, cooling and just a little bit garlicky? Well, you better take a look at this keto sour cream and chive dip recipe, that is super simple and best of all low carb!Are store-bought sour cream dips keto-friendly?Hmm, sort of. Most…

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keto red cabbage steaks recipe

Keto Roasted Balsamic Red Cabbage Steaks Recipe

Looking for a keto-friendly low carb side dish or a vegetarian dinner? Then look no further than this keto balsamic roasted red cabbage steaks recipe. Perfect as a side dish for two and not to mention that it looks good, so why not impress your dinner guests with this recipe?What keto ingredients are needed?…
keto Yorkshire pudding recipe

Keto Yorkshire Pudding Recipe – Easy low carb mix

Yorkshire puddings are just flour, eggs and milk, right? Well, yes, but that doesn't mean we can't make them keto-friendly! Check out our keto Yorkshire pudding recipe that contains only 3.4g of carbs per serving.All you will need are some easy to obtain ingredients, a whisk, measuring jug, and a pudding/muffin tray or…
keto roasted radish - low carb potatoes

Keto Roasted Radishes Recipe – Perfect potato substitute

Who doesn't like some lovely crispy roast potatoes with their Sunday lunch? Well, if you're following a keto lifestyle then you'll know the pain of missing them. But, worry no more! Enter our keto roasted radishes recipe, the perfect roast potato substitute and best of all only 1.9g of carbs per 100g!Are radishes keto?…
keto mooli fries

Keto Mooli Chips – Daikon Radish Low Carb Recipe

Do you miss fries/chips on the keto diet? Well, not anymore! You need to try this Keto Mooli chips recipe. Mooli, also known as Daikon Radish, is a low carb vegetable with only 2.1g of carbs per 100g! Making it perfect for keto and is a great potato replacement.What is Mooli?Mooli is a…
keto low carb bread

Keto Bread – Top low carb bread options (Buy or make)

What's the best thing since sliced bread? Of course, it's low carb, keto bread! Whether you make it yourself at home or buy it online/in-store, you can now enjoy a tasty low carb sandwich without going out of ketosis.Traditional Bread vs. Keto BreadA typical slice of white medium bread (40g) contains a whopping…
keto spicy peanut cauliflower

Keto Spicy Peanut Cauliflower – Low Carb Recipe

Introducing keto spicy peanut cauliflower, a super simple keto side dish that is so good that you'll wonder how you ever ate cauliflower before it! You can make it under 30 minutes and only requires a few readily available ingredients.Spicy Peanut SauceCauliflower is the main part of this dish and as you may…
keto salads

Keto salad – Easy to make salads and ideas

One of the easiest to make food items on keto is a tasty keto salad. You can whip up a high fat, low carb meal in only a couple of minutes. Great for lunch and even as a side to any dinner.Here are a few delicious keto salad ideas and tips to get…
keto coleslaw in a bowl

Keto coleslaw – Best UK store bought low carb versions

Most coleslaw sold in the UK contains added sugar, especially low fat "healthy" versions. Finding coleslaw that is keto-friendly, cheap and readily available in UK supermarkets can be tiresome. It often involves checking the nutrition label of every single packet! Luckily, to make life easier we've done most of the leg work for you. Check…