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keto kebab shop style chilli sauce recipe

Keto Kebab Shop Chilli Sauce Recipe

Fancy a little spicy sauce to go with your keto kebab and salad? Well, this keto kebab shop inspired chilli sauce is super quick to make and only contains 2.5g of carbs per serving! Best of all, no cooking is required!Who hasn't had a nice greasy kebab after a long night out? One of…

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keto beef gravy recipe

Keto Gravy Recipe – Delicious low carb beef gravy

Planning a keto-friendly roast dinner? Then you need some proper gravy to go with it! Most store-bought instant or ready-made gravy is high in carbs. Luckily, our keto beef gravy recipe is both ridiculously simple to make and low in carbs at under 2g per serving (175ml)!Are instant gravy granules keto?Not really. Most…
keto sour cream and chive dip recipe

Keto Sour Cream & Chive Dip Recipe

Fancy being able to dip your veggies (or any food) into something creamy, cooling and just a little bit garlicky? Well, you better take a look at this keto sour cream and chive dip recipe, that is super simple and best of all low carb!Are store-bought sour cream dips keto-friendly?Hmm, sort of. Most…
keto mustard

Keto Mustard – Best low carb brands in the UK

Mustard is made from the seeds of the mustard plant and comes in a number of varieties that differ in texture (smooth to coarse), colour (yellow to dark brown) and taste (sweet to spicy). Some mustards are keto-friendly and can be paired with meats & cheeses or even used as an ingredient in marinades, dressings…

Keto Sriracha – Best low carb brands in the UK

Sriracha is a type of hot sauce made from chilli peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. Popular in Asian cuisine and is frequently used as a dipping sauce. Check out our article on where to buy the best keto friendly sriracha.Related - It can also be mixed with other sauces such as Mayo to…
keto tomatoes

Keto Tomatoes – Puree, passata & tinned tomatoes

So maybe you want to make some keto bolognese but don't know what the lowest carb option is for the tomato base? Look no further, check out our guide on the best low carb keto tomatoes and the different ways they are sold in UK stores.Are tomatoes keto?Simple answer: Yes!A 100g serving…
keto garlic aioli in tub

Keto Garlic Aioli – Low carb and keto friendly recipe

Fancy something a little bit different than your usual Mayo as a sauce or dip? Why not try this delicious keto garlic aioli that is both low carb and easy to make!What is Aioli?Aioli is a Mediterranean sauce made of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and egg yolk. It originated in Catalonia, Spain…
sugar free maple keto syrup

Top UK sugar free syrup sauces for keto

Even though I'm on keto, I still love sweet food! That may sound a bit counter-intuitive, as eating any sugar is likely to kick you out of ketosis. Luckily, you can still enjoy sweet food by choosing products that use sweeteners instead of sugar. In this article, we're going to look over the best sugar…
Keto Sriracha Mayo

Keto Sriracha Mayo – Low carb spicy mayo

Make one of the best dipping sauces that is keto-friendly. Keto Sriracha mayo is low carb and has a sweet and spicy kick that pairs perfectly with so many dishes. Once you've tried it you'll wonder how you ever ate food without it!It's super simple to make and only requires 5 ingredients (Mayo, Sriracha,…
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