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keto chewing gum

Best chewing gum options for Keto in the UK

Is sugar-free chewing gum found in most UK stores safe for keto? Well, some brands contain artificial sweeteners and chemicals that may impact ketosis but many are actually keto-friendly. Let's take a look at what makes a good low carb chewing gum and where you can buy some in the UK.Why chew gum in…

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keto low carb UK chocolate bars

Top low carb keto friendly chocolate bars (UK)

A common question I hear is "Can I have chocolate on a keto diet?". The answer somewhat surprisingly is yes! However, most chocolate bars sold in UK stores are not keto-friendly. In order to get your chocolate fix it needs to meet a few simple requirements which this article will outline for you.Types of…
sugar free sweets on keto

Are sugar free sweets safe for keto?

Most UK supermarkets stock sugar free sweets. These are normally marketed as diabetic friendly and contain little to no sugar. Instead, sweeteners are used. These can be artificial (like sucralose, aspartame) or natural (like stevia). Sounds great, but are sugar free sweets keto?Short answer, probably not. But read on to find out why, and…
keto jelly bears

Keto Jelly Bears (Babies) – Sugar free and low carb

As a kid (and adult), I loved jelly babies. Small little sweets, that are pretty much just gelatine, sugar, colouring and flavourings. However, if you take a look at the nutrition information, they have a whopping 78g of carbs per 100g. No wonder they were addictive! Luckily, you can make your own keto jelly bears…