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keto granola in a bowl

Keto Granola – Buy or make your own

Bored of butter coffee or bacon & eggs for breakfast? Why not give keto granola a try, eat it on its own, with milk or even yoghurt! Check out our keto-friendly granola product recommendations that you can buy instore and online. Alternatively, you can try and make your own at home.What is keto granola?…
keto porridge in bowl

How to make the best low carb keto porridge

When you first start a keto diet you might just be having bacon and eggs for breakfast or may be a butter coffee. I know I did! However, after a while you might start to get fed up of having the same meal everyday or you just haven't got the time to cook every morning.…
cream cheese chaffle

Make the perfect cream cheese chaffle

You've probably heard of a chaffle in the past year or so. It's the latest craze in the keto community. It's basically a waffle made mostly of cheese. Some call for using cheddar, others mozzarella. All great choices but if you want something really quick to make, extremely tasty and quite low calorie. Then look…
Keto butter coffee

Ultimate Butter Coffee (aka Bulletproof® Coffee) recipe

I've been drinking butter coffee almost every day for the past couple of years. But what exactly is it and what makes it bulletproof?Bulletproof® coffee (aka butter coffee) is just coffee with butter and sometimes oil and cream. I've seen many variances and you can mix and match as much as you like to…