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keto sauces uk on a plate

Keto sauces & condiments – Best products for the UK

Eating just meat and vegetables can get a bit bland (and tasteless) after a while. This may lead you to sneak the odd treat here or there. It's a slippery slope and could lead you to hit your daily carb limit very quickly! One of the easiest ways to add some flavour is to use…
soy sauce keto friendly

Is Soy Sauce keto friendly? Best low carb brands & alternatives

The majority of prepared Asian dishes are not OK on keto. However, of course, there are some exceptions (check out the keto-friendly curries that Iceland sales)! If you're still craving your favourite dish, then you could always try making it yourself. One of the most common ingredients in Asian cuisine is Soy Sauce, but is…
sugar free barbecue sauce for keto

Best barbecue sauce for keto in the UK

Before I was keto, one of my favourite meals was sticky barbecue chicken wings and ribs. You can probably guess that it wasn't keto (or very healthy)! The ingredients that give it that rich sweet flavour is brown sugar, and usually some honey. Neither of which are keto friendly. Fortunately, there is such a thing…
low carb keto mayonnaise

The best keto mayonnaise products found in-store and online

Mayonnaise is one of the best foods to have on the keto diet. It is one giant high-quality fat bomb. It goes with so many foods and is great at helping you get enough healthy fats in your diet.If you have the time, you can make your own mayonnaise, it only requires a few…
best low carb tomato ketchup

Keto Ketchup – Top 3 low carb tomato ketchup sauces

Tomato ketchup, a British staple since at least 1886. A great sauce that goes on almost anything! Everyone has their favourite brand but the definitive tomato ketchup has to be Heinz. However, most ketchups contain a whole load of sugar (around 23g per 100g). That is just way too much on keto. Luckily, there are…