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Keto Mustard – Best low carb brands in the UK

Mustard is made from the seeds of the mustard plant and comes in a number of varieties that differ in texture (smooth to coarse), colour (yellow to dark brown) and taste (sweet to spicy). Some mustards are keto-friendly and can be paired with meats & cheeses or even used as an ingredient in marinades, dressings and sauces.

Is mustard keto?

In short, yes mustard is keto-friendly, so long as you avoid certain brands and varieties.

Long answer – There are quite a few varieties of mustard which contain varying levels of carbohydrates. Even amongst brands the carb count varies, though there are quite a few that are suitable for keto.

A typical serving size of mustard is usually only a couple of teaspoons at most as it is quite strong. That means that the carb count per 100g can be a little higher compared to other sauces like tomato ketchup.

Best keto mustard varieties

The best keto-friendly mustards available in the UK include:

Yellow Mustard (American)

The most common mustard found in the US. Usually served with hot dogs and burgers. It has a very mild flavour and the bright yellow is derived from turmeric powder. For keto, it is the lowest carb mustard available in the UK.

French’s Classic Yellow Mustard

Available at: Amazon, Asda and most UK supermarkets

Carbs per 100g: 1.6g

Hellmann’s American Style Yellow Mustard

Available at: Amazon, Asda and most UK supermarkets

Carbs per 100g: 2.0g

Asda American Style Mustard

Available at: Asda

Carbs per 100ml: 2.5g

Dijon Mustard

Originally made in France, the name ‘Dijon Mustard’ is not actually a protected term. So it can be made in any part of the world and doesn’t have to come specifically from the town of Dijon. It has a smooth texture with a hot strong mustard flavour.

Great with red meat and as the main ingredient in French dressing for salads. The main difference with Dijon mustard is that it uses white wine instead of the usual vinegar. This means that it is still relatively low carb and suitable for keto.

Maille Dijon Original Mustard

Maille Dijon Original Mustard

Available at: Asda, Amazon and most UK supermarkets

Carbs per 100g: 3.5g

Asda Dijon Mustard

Asda Dijon Mustard

Available at: Asda

Carbs per 100g: 3.7g

Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard

Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard

Available at: Amazon, Tesco and most other UK supermarkets

Carbs per 100g: 6.2g

French Mustard

It’s not actually French but a British invention. It was invented by Colman’s back in 1936. It’s a popular accompaniment to steak and other rich meats. Colman’s ceased general consumer production of it back in 2001 after the EU ordered them to stop (though you can still buy it in bulk wholesale online). However, most UK supermarkets still sale their own branded version.

French mustard is smooth with a dark brown colour and has a mild, sweet and tangy taste. Most are quite high in carbs (around 9g per 100g). However, some varieties are much lower. They accomplish this by keeping the seed coarse (sold as coarse grain) and using less sugar, often resulting in a hotter level of spice.

Asda Coarse Grain French Mustard

Asda Coarse Grain French Mustard

Available at: Asda

Carbs per 100g: 3.3g

Colman’s French Mustard

Colman's French Mustard

Available at: Amazon

Carbs per 100g: 3.5g

Note: Only available online and in very large containers.

English Mustard

English mustard is typically bright yellow in colour like the American version. It has a hot powerful flavour and is commonly used in sauces and recipes to add a bit of “kick” to dishes.

The most popular brand is, of course, Colman’s but it contains around 13g of carbs per 100g. Admittedly, a typical serving (5g) only contains 0.7g which is negligible (so long as you don’t use too much).

In addition to the sauce variety, it is also available in a powdered form. This is a double strength superfine powder that can be added to sauces, dressings and much more.

You can even just mix it with water to create your own basic mustard. The benefit of powdered mustard is that is low in carbs and lasts a long time.

Colman’s Original English Mustard

Colman's Original English Mustard 100g

Available at: Amazon, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and most UK supermarkets

Carbs per 100g: 13g

Colman’s Original English Mustard Powder

Colman's Original English Mustard Powder

Available at: Amazon, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and most UK supermarkets

Carbs per 100g: 12g

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