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keto chewing gum

Best chewing gum options for Keto in the UK

Is sugar-free chewing gum found in most UK stores safe for keto? Well, some brands contain artificial sweeteners and chemicals that may impact ketosis but many are actually keto-friendly. Let's take a look at what makes a good low carb chewing gum and where you can buy some in the UK.Why chew gum in…
keto protein porridge

Keto Protein Porridge Recipe – Top low carb breakfast

Breakfast on keto can be difficult, the go-to bacon & eggs can get boring real quick. Plus, it takes time to prepare and you need a cooker near you. Luckily, there is a super quick & easy low carb breakfast alternative, which is keto protein porridge! Perfect for lazy cold days or when you've just…
keto cooking oils

Best keto cooking oils to use and avoid

The best keto cooking oil is one that can withstand high temperatures (smoking point), is versatile, and full of healthy fats. There are quite a few oils that fulfil these criteria (and some that don't), so let's take a closer look at the best keto cooking oils.What is an oil smoke point?It's basically…
keto lunch ideas

Keto Lunch Ideas – Meal prep and on the go options

It can be difficult to find a keto-friendly meal that works as a good lunch. Ideally, you want something that you can just grab and go. Maybe you prepare it beforehand or just pick it up instore, so why not check out our keto lunch ideas!Keto lunch - Meal prep in advanceWith…
keto roundup sep 2020

September 2020 – Month in review and roundup

We're over halfway through this weird year and it's time for a roundup of what's gone on in September 2020.Related - Check out the previous month's roundup for August 2020. Alternatively, you can find all other roundups here.New articlesSummary of the articles released on in September 2020.Keto Mustard – Best…
keto carb count quiz

Can you work out the carb count of these keto products?

New to keto or been on it for a while? Why not test your keto knowledge and see if you can figure out the correct carb for these products.Remember, always read the question carefully!Let's begin!START QUIZProducts in the quizCarbZone Low Carb Protein Bread Macadamia & Coconut Keto Granola Good Good…
keto slimfast product range

Keto SlimFast – Fuel Shakes & Snacks Review

We've probably all heard of SlimFast here in the UK. If not, to summarise it's a popular diet plan where you eat their own branded shakes and snacks, along with 1 low-calorie meal per day. In the past, SlimFast was just focusing on low-calorie foods but they do have a range of shakes & snacks…
keto low carb bread

Keto Bread – Top low carb bread options (Buy or make)

What's the best thing since sliced bread? Of course, it's low carb, keto bread! Whether you make it yourself at home or buy it online/in-store, you can now enjoy a tasty low carb sandwich without going out of ketosis.Traditional Bread vs. Keto BreadA typical slice of white medium bread (40g) contains a whopping…
what to eat before a run on keto

Running on keto – What to eat before a run

Running is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, it's almost completely free, and has a whole bunch of health benefits. But what keto low carb food should you eat before a run to fuel your body for the perfect workout? Let's find out!Related - This article is part of a series on running on…
keto mustard

Keto Mustard – Best low carb brands in the UK

Mustard is made from the seeds of the mustard plant and comes in a number of varieties that differ in texture (smooth to coarse), colour (yellow to dark brown) and taste (sweet to spicy). Some mustards are keto-friendly and can be paired with meats & cheeses or even used as an ingredient in marinades, dressings…
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