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Keto Ice Lollies – Low carb ice pop products & ideas

With summer (hopefully) just around the corner, you’ll need something to enjoy in the British sunshine! A firm favourite is always the ice lolly (or ice pop) that can help cool you off. However, most are full of sugar but luckily there are some that are keto-friendly! Check out our recommended list of low carb keto ice lollies that you can buy in most UK supermarkets, as well as how you can make your own!

What is an ice lolly?

Also commonly known as ice pop or popsicles depending on where you are from. They are a frozen snack that consists mainly of either water or milk along with some flavours and colourings.

Unlike ice cream which is whipped while being frozen to prevent ice crystals forming, the ice pop is just frozen with no added thrills. The end result is a solid block of ice that usually has a stick poking out of it that can be used as a handle to hold it.

British favourites

Remember the days of going to the beach, visiting the ice cream truck and spending way too long trying to decide on what to get? Sadly, most of the popular ones are not keto-friendly and should be avoided. Let’s take a look at the carb count of some of the British favourites:

Ice LollyServing sizeCarbs per lollyCarbs per 100ml
Mr Freeze Jubbly Orange62ml3.8g6.1g
Fruit Pastille65ml13.7g21.1g
Mini Milk35ml5.25g15g
Calippo Orange105ml23g24.15g
Twister (mini)50ml8.4g17g

Keto ice lollies product recommendations

Surprisingly, most of the British favourites listed above could actually be eaten on keto but only as a one-off treat so long as you account for it in your daily carb limit (normally under 20g per day).

Ideally, you’d want to aim for less than 5g per lolly, preferably under 3g but if you’re only having one then it’s probably OK. Your mileage may vary and its best to avoid pure sugar where possible even if it’s only a small amount.

Luckily there are now some products sold in UK stores that are low in carbs and still tasty! Some of our recommended keto ice lollies include:

Robinsons Fruit Shoot Squeezee Ice Pops

Fruit Shoot Squeezee Pops 18 X 30Ml 540Ml

Available at: Asda, Tesco and most UK supermarkets

Carbs per lolly (30ml): 0.45g (on average, depends on flavour)

Carbs per 100ml: 1.5g (on average, depends on flavour)

Main Ingredients: Water, Juice from concentrate and Sucralose.


Sold in a multipack that includes 4 flavours (Orange, Summer Fruits, Apple and Apple & Blackcurrant) . They are quite small at only 30ml per serving but are cheap at around £1 for an 18 pack. These are one of the lowest carb ready-made ice lollies that you can buy so why not pick up a pack and give them a go!

(Frozen) Capri-Sun No Added Sugar

Capri-Sun No Added Sugar Orange 8 Pack ice lollies

Available at: Asda, Tesco and most UK supermarkets

Other flavours: Blackcurrant, Tropical

Carbs per lolly (200ml): 1.6g (on average, depends on flavour)

Carbs per 100ml: 0.8g (on average, depends on flavour)

Main Ingredients: Water, Juice from concentrate, Sucralose and Stevia.


Hold on a second, Capri-sun is a drink, right? Well yes, but they actually freeze quite well and make a great ice pop, you can even slurp up the leftover juice with the included straw! There are three flavours available in the no added sugar variety which are Orange, Tropical and Blackcurrant.

Why not make your own at home?

If you want the lowest carb keto friendly ice lollies then why not make them at home? All you need is water, squash and an ice lolly mould. Moulds can be picked for a few quid and you can customise the flavours and strength to your heart’s content!

Ice Lolly Moulds

Most supermarkets sell their own brand ice lolly moulds around summertime and are fine for occasional use. However, I’ve noticed that most are quite brittle and tend to break and crack after multiple uses. If you find that you’re making many lollies then maybe it’s time to invest in some proper moulds. Take a look at our recommendations below.

iNeibo Kitchen 10 Pack Silicone Popsicle

iNeibo Kitchen 10 Pack Silicone Popsicle Mold -Ice Pop Mould, Ice Lolly Molds with Lids, Food Grade, BPA Free - Popsicle Maker For Your Kids (Pack of 10, Colorful)

Available at: Amazon

Suitable for making long ice lollies like the classic Calippo brand.

HelpCuisine – 6 Ice Lolly Moulds

Available at: Amazon

Suitable for making rectangular shaped ice lollies time and time again. Includes cleaning brushes.

L̩ku̩ Р4 Ice Lolly Moulds Stackable

Lékué - Ice Lolly Moulds Stackable, Mini, 4 Pieces, Silicone, Multi-Colour, 10.5 x 6.5 x 2.6 cm

Available at: Amazon

Perfect for people with small freezers who are short on space. Includes reusable sticks. Great to invest in some extra sticks so you can make more than 4 at a time.

Fruit Squashes

Check out our guide on the best low carb keto friendly fruit squashes to use in your keto ice lollies moulds.

In regards to quantities, you’re going to want to use a bit more than you normally would when drinking as you want a strong flavour. Experiment to find your perfect ratio. Also, if you want to make them top tier, then try using filtered water instead of tap water.

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