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iceland keto weekly shopping list

Iceland – Weekly shop for one on Keto (UK)

Walking into a supermarket and trying to find keto-friendly products can be a bit daunting as it takes time to check all the nutrition labels and understand what should be avoided. To make things easier I've gone and created a sample shopping list for keto products in Iceland. And no they don't just sell frozen…
keto omad

Keto OMAD – What is one meal a day?

OMAD stands for one meal a day, where you fast for around 23 hours a day and then consume a large meal in a small eating window (around 1 hour). People swear by it as a weight-loss method as well as helping to break plateaus. So let's take a look at OMAD on a keto…

Tracking keto with MyFitnessPal – Review

Keeping track of how many carbs you've eaten in a day can be a bit cumbersome. Luckily, there are a wide variety of food tracking apps that can do it for you! One of the best (and biggest) is MyFitnessPal. Let's take a look at how you can use it on keto.What is MyFitnessPal…
non scale victories (nsv)

NSV – The importance of Non-Scale Victories

One of the most common ways to measure weight loss is to check the number on the scale. If it hasn't gone down, then you might feel a bit defeated. However, just because the number hasn't changed, doesn't mean you haven't improved your health! That's what non-scale victories (a.k.a NSV) are for!Enter NSVIf…
top 5 keto kitchen appliances

Keto Essentials – Top 5 small kitchen appliances

From mixers to grinders, there are so many small kitchen appliances that make maintaining a keto lifestyle so much easier. Join me as we look at my top 5 favourite ones that I couldn't do without!Related - this article is part of our keto essential series. Check out the others for more keto tips…
Asda Keto Weekly Shopping List

Asda – Weekly shop for one on keto (UK)

Picking the right food and drink for keto can be a bit difficult, especially if you're new to it. To make your life simpler, I'm providing you with my usual weekly keto shopping list, this time it's for Asda!Related - This article is part of a series on keto shopping at UK supermarkets. You…
UK keto essential resources

Handy keto resources for the UK and beyond

Most of the resources you see on the internet about keto are usually US-centric. For the most part that is fine for us UK based people, the only confusing bit is around how carbs are calculated.US vs. UK nutrition labelIn the US, the total carbs listed on the label includes dietary fibre. This means…
top 10 keto utensils essentials

Keto Essentials – Top 10 kitchen utensils

I've spent years perfecting my keto-friendly kitchen, trying all manner of gadgets and utensils. Some of these have become irreplaceable, while others have been quickly recycled! This article lists my top 10 favourite kitchen utensils that I use almost every day on keto.Why 10? Well, I could do a complete list but no one…
keto potato replacement substitutes

Top 5 keto potato replacements and substitutes

Potatoes go with pretty much everything and are a staple in the standard western diet. But of course, they are a no go on keto. Luckily, there are many keto-friendly replacements that can be substituted for most potato-based dishes.Why are potatoes bad on keto?One of the core tenets of the keto diet is…
top 8 keto freezer essentials

Keto Essentials – Top 8 freezer items

After a hard day's work, sometimes you don't want to spend ages shopping for fresh keto-friendly food and instead, you just want to head home. Luckily, you don't have to, you can grab stuff out of the freezer for those trying times. But what keto-friendly food should you keep in your freezer? This article lists…
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