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sugar free sweets on keto

Are sugar free sweets safe for keto?

Most UK supermarkets stock sugar free sweets. These are normally marketed as diabetic friendly and contain little to no sugar. Instead, sweeteners are used. These can be artificial (like sucralose, aspartame) or natural (like stevia). Sounds great, but are sugar free sweets keto?Short answer, probably not. But read on to find out why, and…
keto jelly bears

Keto Jelly Bears (Babies) – Sugar free and low carb

As a kid (and adult), I loved jelly babies. Small little sweets, that are pretty much just gelatine, sugar, colouring and flavourings. However, if you take a look at the nutrition information, they have a whopping 78g of carbs per 100g. No wonder they were addictive! Luckily, you can make your own keto jelly bears…
keto sugar free jelly

The best keto sugar free jelly in the UK

If you're looking for a quick snack or a sweet dessert, then look no further than keto sugar free jelly. It's available in many forms in most UK supermarkets and is perfect for a keto diet.Is sugar free jelly keto friendly?Short answer, yes! Just make sure you always check the nutrition label and…
low carb keto pork crunch

Pork crunch, scratching and crackling – Best low carb keto snacks

If you've ever looked behind the bar at your local pub, you've probably seen a small variety of crisps and pork crackling/crunch hanging about for sale. Only the landlord knows how long they've actually been there for!Did you know that pork crackling is great for keto as it contains little to no carbohydrates. Furthermore,…
low carb cream poured into jar

The best low carb creams to have on keto

There are a wide variety of low carb creams available in most supermarkets. Some are great on a keto diet, whilst others should only be consumed every once in a while. In this article, I've put together a list of the best low carb creams and what you should look out for when shopping.Note…
low carb yoghurt in bowl

Best low carb yoghurts to have on keto

If you go down the chilled dessert aisle of your local supermarket, you'll be sure to see a wide variety of yoghurts. Some are made from milk, others from soy. However, not all yoghurts are created equally! Generally, yoghurt made from milk contains around 6g of carbs per 100g. So it's not that great for…
possible mixed nut butters

Best low carb seed and mixed nut butters

In other articles, I've discussed all the most popular nut butters that you can eat on a keto diet (see below for links). However, there are other butters available. These are either a blend of nuts or even not made from nuts at all. Instead, they can be made from seeds, like sunflower and pumpkins.…
cashew nuts

Where to get cashew butter in-store and online

Cashews are one of the higher carb nuts. However, you can still have them every now and again (if it fits your macros)! Cashew butter contains around 15-18g of carbs per 100g and also It has a higher protein content (20.1g per 100g).As with the other nut butters. cashew butter is made of 100%…
hazelnuts spread on table

Where to get hazelnut butter in the UK

Hazelnuts are one of the main ingredients in a very popular chocolate spread. They have a distinct smell and taste but I've rarely met a person who doesn't love them. Hazelnut butter is just blended nuts.The vast majority are made with roasted hazelnuts with their skins left on. This gives the butter a much…
nut butters such as almond, cashew and hazelnut

Best places to get almond butter in the UK

OverviewAlmond butter has more vitamins, minerals and fibre (per 100g) than peanut butter. In addition, it has around half the carbs at around 6.2g per 100g (compared to 12g for peanut butter).It's generally made of just blended roasted almonds. Although, some manufacturers keep the skins on, others take them off. Pricewise, it's usually…
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