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Tag: low carb shop uk

Iceland ultimate keto shop

Ultimate Iceland Lockdown Keto Shopping List

Here in the UK, we're heading into another nationwide lockdown and with that, people have (again) started to panic buy. Honestly, there is no need to do so, as you will still be able to get all the essentials as and when needed. However, to help plan your shop, I've come up with a keto…

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iceland keto weekly shopping list

Iceland – Weekly shop for one on Keto (UK)

Walking into a supermarket and trying to find keto-friendly products can be a bit daunting as it takes time to check all the nutrition labels and understand what should be avoided. To make things easier I've gone and created a sample shopping list for keto products in Iceland. And no they don't just sell frozen…
Asda Keto Weekly Shopping List

Asda – Weekly shop for one on keto (UK)

Picking the right food and drink for keto can be a bit difficult, especially if you're new to it. To make your life simpler, I'm providing you with my usual weekly keto shopping list, this time it's for Asda!Related - This article is part of a series on keto shopping at UK supermarkets. You…
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