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Tag: keto sausage

keto frankfurters

Keto Frankfurters – More of the best low carb sausages

Sausages for breakfast, lunch or dinner, they can be had any time of the day and contain a great mixture of fat and protein, perfect for keto. But not all sausages are created equal, some contain added fillers that are full of carbs like grains, rusk and breadcrumbs. Luckily, we've gone out and found that…

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keto sausages

Best low carb keto sausages in UK stores

The humble sausage comes in many forms and varieties but many contain "hidden" carbs due to extra filler ingredients. These can include grains, rusk and breadcrumbs which can make sausages unsuitable for keto. Let's take a look at some of the lowest carb sausages you can buy in UK supermarkets.Types of sausagesThere are…
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